It’s a preview of the major project of Les Machines de l’île: the Arbre aux Hérons

To provide a preview of the incredible Arbre aux Hérons (Heron Tree), the branch, which extends out of the front the warehouses and towers over the plaza, is 20m long and spreads outwards creating a sort of canopy above the terrace of the bar. The steel structure weighs 20 tonnes. The public can walk along the branch at the end of the visit to reach the bar and the gift shop below.

The prototype Branch was created during the first phase of Les Machines de l’île in 2007 to verify the strength and safety of the construction, and to validate the methods used for growing plant life on the tree.

The huge model of the Arbre aux Hérons (5m in diameter and 4m high) holds pride of place in the Galerie des Machines. The steel sculpture was built to test the design and construction the Arbre aux Hérons.

The Arbre aux Hérons

A monumental structure in the heart of the city, this steel tree 50m in diameter and 35m high will be topped by two herons. Visitors will be able to take a circular flight under the heron’s wings and walk from branch to branch in the amazing hanging gardens.

This project is being studied.



The prototype Branch of the Arbre aux Hérons - © Jean-Dominique Billaud The prototype Branch of the Arbre aux Hérons  - © Jean-Dominique Billaud


Discover the revegetated universe in the Galerie des Machines and the model of the Arbre aux Hérons in a scale of 1/10.

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